1000 Bottles of Beer

I’ve been on a mission this year. My goal for 2014 was to brew 100 gallons of beer. That is the legal limit for home brewing in Hawaii. After that, I’m supposed to pay taxes, get a permit, acquire a license, or something or other. It is now November of 2014 and I have only 10 more gallons to brew. You can check out all the beers I’ve brewed so far, including recipes, photos, and blurbs about what I’ve been doing.

Flowering Cocoa Tree

Cocoa! Cocoa! Cocoa!

It’s been a little over a year since I got my cocoa tree. I finally upgraded them to a larger pot, gave them fresh soil, and now they are happier. I don’t know how old this tree is. I’m guessing about 3 years old, possibly 4. It has grown quite a lot since I’ve had it and now look, It’s flowering. OMG! It’s getting so big too. I just have to figure out how to pollenate the darn thing. Then I can get me some chocolate. Oh yeah!


While I Was Out

It’s been 2 weeks with my coffee vanilla coconut imperial stout in the fermenter. I decided that I need to bottle it ASAP and brew a new beer. A doppelbock up next. So I made me a recipe and ran off to the beer store. All happy, I listened to music and sang and smelled the wonderful aroma of Munich malt.

So what was Leif doing while I was away?

Mountains, Treasure Chest, Ice Cream, Fat Cat, Gecko

Gavin and Leif have only 3 days of school left. This the view they will be leaving behind for the summer.

The view from Ka’ a’ awa elementary school

On another note, we stole a treasure chest from the local pirates (evidently, pirate chests are made of solid cedar). Sadly, there was no treasure inside.



Chrissy and Andy have sadly left us and gone back to Indiana. Poor souls. As a departing gift, they took us and the family to Ferrils to eat a giant 35-scoop ice cream bowl.


With Holly back at work, there’s no one home to feed the cats during the day. As a result, Sookie has lost some weight, though she still occasionally uses the wall to hold her up.


Todays random gecko picture.