Beach Day

Every year, for work, Holly sets up a tent at the Menahune surf competition to he looks promote the library. This year was no different. So on Saturday, I planned to take the kids to the beach to watch the competition and play in the sand. Maybe even do some swimming. 

Last minute, I was invited to a friend’s daughters 3rd birthday party at a different beach. So we went.

Kailua beach is beautiful. The weather was beautiful. It was just beautiful. And as we enjoyed our beach time in Kailua, holly texted me from the north shore stating how nice it was and that we should do the whole beach thing more often. I agree. 

A Day With Fish

After much anticipation, we finally made it to the aquarium. I’ve been saying I was going to take the kids, and they held me to it. 

After falling and skinning her upper lip, Zenny is consoled with a photo opportunity and a cold, wet, paper towel. 

Afterwards, having a $25 gift card, we ate lunch at J. J. Dolans (aka, pizza/bar). The staff was really nice. They were totally accommodating and let Zenny ding the “this pizza is ready to deliver” bell. She hit it pretty hard and was very pleased with herself. Leif pretend rode the bike rack bike. He was very happy. 

Vacationy Stuff

Coming up on the last days of my time home with the kids, I was feeling like I needed to do something more useful and/or vacationy.

Since Holly and I aren’t home at the same time very often, we decided to go have super fun. We asked the kids what they wanted to do and Gavin surprisingly said, “let’s go bowling”. So we did. Afterwards, we had lunch at Chili’s and went to Pearl Ridge mall to browse and window shop. Lucky thing too. All three kids used their magical kid powers to get free games at Fun Factory. Then afterwards they found a magic quarter skittles vending machine that spit out free Skittles. 

Oh. And we have a chicken now. It’s nice to spend some time in the yard with the chicken. 

Zenny reads Tailypo with mom. Ooooh. It’s scary. 

Then we got a banana tree. It’s one of my household requirements. Just like the lilikoi and chicken.