Star Wars Release

Star Wars comes out on Thursday. Koolau is having a midnight showing of Star Wars. That would be at 12:01 AM on Thursday morning. Naturally they feel they have to have me there. For some reason they always do. “Mike, we have a special showing of ‘Harry Potter’ on Friday. Can you come in and interlock it for us? The other captains don’t know how.” “Mike, we have a school show on Friday morning. Can you come in that day and make sure so-and-so does it correctly?” “Mike, we have a midnight show of Star Wars. Can you come in and teach them to interlock and then run an interlock on the show?” “Sure, why not?” So I get to go watch “Star Wars” on Wednesday night. On another note, I got my computer back today. Apparently when something went wrong with it, there was a chain reaction and one thing broke another. There was a total of around $1200 or so worth of repairs done. Good thing I bought Apple Care. I paid $0. What a sigh of relief. I have finished reading “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Now I need to see the movie. Will that happen. Not likely. We have not really watched as many movies as we used to. Oh well.