stressed out

Ok, I’m back again. I have been a little stressed out lately. My computer broke last Monday and I’ve been without it since. It is at the Apple store getting fixed. Of course directly after brining it to the store we brought Gavin to the hospital. Then After Gavin’s ordeal, I had an important deadline for It went live on Wednesday. So I spent many hours during that week trying to get it done. ON A PC. Ewwwwwww. Really though, it wasn’t that bad. I got it done anyway. On top of that the theatre has made some changes in our inventory process. Of course it went haywire and I was up until 4am last night. Grrrr. But I think things are calming down. MagsDirect is up and running fine. I will get my computer back on Sunday or Monday. Inventory should be a bit easier next week with the bumps smoothed out. Gavin is Gavin again. I have “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” to read. And I get to play music on Sunday. Ahhhhh. What a relief. Speaking of which. It seems our shirts that we made are pretty popular. We have sold quite a few of them and there are people saying they want one and they want to know where we are playing or want mp3’s. So I’m excited. I talked to the bassist and he says that his schedule calms down when school gets out (he’s a sub). So I think at that point we will seriously try to get a gig. I can’t wait. Our first gig. Then we can sell more shirts. We will ROCK!!!!. Oh yes, we will ROOOOCK!!!!