2 1/2 weeks

It’s been just over two weeks now. Little Leif has gained at least a pound. I still can’t believe what a good child he has been. Or even that it has actually happened. It surprises me sometimes. Gavin is quite a big brother. He comes in the room and says hi to Leif every morning when he gets up. He plays with Leif and often asks if he can hold his little brother. And of course he can. He sits and talks to him and sometimes, when he thinks we aren’t paying too much attention, sings to him.

Gavin has been in kindergarden now for two weeks as well. He is just starting to make some friends. Or acquaintances anyway. When I picked him up from school yesterday he told me we had to clean the house and his  bedroom and things, because when Sophie comes over and wants to see his room it will be clean. He’s already inviting girls over to see his room and watch Robotech with him. Ahhh. Looks like I’ll have to sit on my porch with a shotgun earlier than I thought. 🙂

Holly and I have got ourselves sucked in to the tv show “Bones”. It started back when we were camping out in our empty house with nothing more than an airmattress and a laptop. We spent our evenings watching either movies from the library, or browsing tv network websites for online shows. We stumbled across “Bones” and now we’re stuck. We’ve started getting season one from blockbuster. And you know, we have time to watch it. If we get too sucked in, we’ll never get our house fully in order.

P.S. Two and a half weeks post-partum and Holly is down 30 lbs. And don’t think I haven’t noticed it either.