Yesterday was my birthday. It was a lovely day. It started off with finally buying my tickets to NY. The good thing about waiting until last minute is it makes the wait until the trip shorter. Only 11 days left until we leave. Sweet. So after I got our tickets, we were all starving, so we headed to IHOP for breakfast where we waited for 45 minutes before they told us, “We called you 1/2 hour ago.” WHAT! We were sitting in their waiting area the whole time and not once hear them call anything that sounded like “Holly, party of 3”. I explained them to the teenager who obviously didn’t want to be there working. Then 2 minutes later I explained it to the person who was in charge of the teenager that didn’t want to be working. She seated us right away. He he. Anyway, we ate a lovely breakfast. Yummy avacado and bacon omelette for me and a “Happy Face” pandcake for Gavin. Mmmm. Yum yum. After breakfast, we wandered over to Pier 1 to look around, and then it was across to Target for some small odds and ends. By the time we got home it was early afternoon and Holly started putting together my birthday cake. By this time, I had also recieved phone calls from my mom and dad as well as tried the new Miller Chill (Miller’s version of the margarita). It wasn’t bad. It’s a refreshing summer drink. Most of the afternoon was spent relaxing and watching tv, nitting, baking and playing cars. As it got closer to dinner time, the cake was done (and looked very promising), I recieved another call from a good friend, Gavin had a small nap, and we were again getting hungry. So we started to get ready to head to Lengthwise for dinner. It wasn’t long before we discovered that Lengthwise closed at 5. 🙁 So we headed out to find another place to eat. On the way to Roadhouse Grill I changed course and headed for Olive Garden instead. I am so glad I did. We haven’t been there in about 10 years and we were not disappointed by anything. Gavin’s spaghettin and meatballs were awesome. I ordered a Beef madalion gorgenzola and spinich alfredo dish. OMG it was so good. Holly watched my eyes roll back in my head as I took a bite. And the soup was delicious. It was what I have been unknowingly craving. And of course who can resist the unlimited bread sticks? lol. And on top of that, they gave us a free desert because we had to wait a little longer than usual because they sent my dish to another table on accident. It was just really good. Anyway, after Olive Garden, we headed home and sat stuffed to watche some Iron Chef America until bed time. It was really nice. I had a good birthday. So now I’m 28. Still in my 20’s and doing well.


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