August Thus Far

So what’s been happening over in my world? Nothing major to speak of. Finally. Although there are all those little things that, in themselves, aren’t worthy of an entire post. That is what this post is for.

I’ve revved up the beer making a bit this month. I experimented by trying to make a light beer for Holly. The idea of course was to create a light calorie beer that tastes better than Bud Light, Coors Light or any of those other mass produced light beers (which come in at between 100 and 110 calories). I sat, buried in my beer books and magazines, and came up with a recipe for a light beer that comes in at a whopping 95 calories. I brewed it up and ran it through the whole process and bottled it a few weeks later. I poured it up and who knew? I succeeded. It tasted quite good. I shared it with some friend and had multiple comments stating that this was the best tasting light beer they ever had. Yay!

After brewing up a light american lager, I thought I’d balance things out a bit by making a premium american lager. Only I’d put a slight twist on it and added a bit of lilikoi. I just bottled it, and it should be ready to drink in about 2 weeks.

Next up I decided to brew a session beer. It’s an Irish Red. It’s currently sitting in the fermenter. With any luck I’ll have it finished up in time to bring on our trip to NY. I haven’t tasted it yet though, but it smelled delicious when I brewed it.

Which brings me to my next item. In a few weeks, we’ll be heading out to NY for my best friend’s wedding. I’m super excited for the trip. It’s going to be an amazing trip. The wedding is in a beautiful park in NYC and will be an amazing day. Prior to the wedding, me, the groom to be, and another 7 of our friends will be heading to Lake George for a few days for his bachelor party. I’ll get to go paint balling for the first time. That should be fun.

Moving backwards, Leif has started pre-school. He had his first day of school on August 5th. The school started the year off easing the kids into everything. His first day was only 2 hours long and I was allowed (and encouraged) to stay with him for the day. We had fun and I got to see what a day at pre-school was like. This past Thursday was the first day that I left Leif by himself at school. He cried and it broke my heart to leave. But he stopped crying shortly after I was out of sight and went on playing with the other kids. Today he was excited to go back to school. I signed him in and played with him for a few minutes while the rest of the class showed up. When it was time, I told him I was going to leave and that I’d be back shortly. He looked at me in a thoughtful way and replied, “Ok dad. Bye”. He walked off with his class and went to go play. He’s growing up so fast.

Between the move and not having a job, and Leif starting school, I’ve found myself with a lot more time on my hands. I’m searching for jobs pretty much daily. I’ve put an ad in the paper to sell our car. I’ve made lots of beer. I walk Leif to school and back. I’ve updated my website. I’ve found myself down at the beach a lot more often. It’s a 10 minute walk from our house and it’s been beautiful out. I’m thinking that a few times a week, I’ll drop Leif off and then spend an hour or so at the beach before heading home (Leif’s preschool is just past the beach). If I end up getting a surf board (which I am trying to do), I could even spend some time surfing while he’s at school. Wouldn’t that be something?


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  1. Mike, Keep your chin up. Walking on the beach is the perfect place for reflection. You never know who you might meet. Ask and you will receive; knock and the door will be opened to you.

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