Birthday boy

This weekend was a busy one. On Friday we went out for our traditional Thai food dinner on the night before Gavin’s birthday. Then afterwards, we took Gavin to see the Nutcracker at the Hawaii ballet. On the night before Gavin was born as we sat around the house and was figuring out dinner, Holly had a sudden craving for Thai food. Mary ran out to the nearest Thai food place where she ordered a ton of food. As she was picking it up, she told the lady at the counter that her daughter was wanting Thai food and she was pregnant and ready to go any day now. The lady then told Mary that she would go into labor that night. And she did. Mary got home and we had a wonderful dinner. Holly’s water broke that night and we drove to the hospital and Gavin was born the very next morning. Now he is four years old. He is getting so big. I love that kid.

Birthday Boy

On Saturday for Gavin’s birthday, we headed out to the Ice Palace to go ice skating. Chris and Beth met us there. We spent the afternoon ice skating and having a wonderful time. Gavin and Chris skated around with their walkers and a grown up to keep them stable. Holly, Mary and I took turns taking loops around the rink. Holly wore her new jacket and was extremely cute. Every one dressed up all cozy like. Outside, it was 80Ëš. Inside it was 50Ëš. Wierd. After ice skating, we all went home for cake and presents. Gavin ended up with quite a stack of gifts which he was happy to rip open. And Chris was willing to help. He thoroughly enjoyed all his gifts. He loves the Hess truck and of course his “Cars” toys. I read him his dinosour book about 3 times in a row that day. He had a good day. His cake was an angel food cake filled with chocolate mousse and topped with whipped cream and a “Mater” toy and a little “Lightning MacQueen” keychain. Oh how Gavin liked it. I had a good time too. That night I slept over and spent the night with Gavin. What a good kid.