By the way

I thought I would mention that I put a page up on the internet with about 120 pictures. Mostly of Gavin, but there are a few of me and some others.
Also I though that I would add that since I started running I seemed to have gained weight. When I started running I weighed myself at around 165 lbs. I weighed myself today and it came up as 175 lbs. How odd. Holly says that she thinks I look really good now, and that before she thought I was on the edge of being too skinny. Hmmmm. Anyway, just some pointless information for you. Oh yeah, and one more thing. I was wearing shorts the other day and Holly let me know that they were too small for me and that we would have to buy new ones. Ok, no big deal. Yesterday I put on another pair of shorts that I own, and I noticed that they were too small as well. Not around the waist, but around my thighs. They were too tight. Now I must buy two more pairs of shorts. Sigh. I hate shopping.
Quote of the day: “Is that a man crossing a four lane road in the rain carrying a dead flamingo?”