Cheesecake and a cold

It’s the end of the weekend. Yesterday we drove up to town to do some shopping and Holly had to go to Border’s to buy some books for the library summer reading program. It was a decent day and went pretty quick, topped off by finding some fresh coconuts in the middle of Hana hwy on the way home. Today on the other hand was a bit of a long day. Leif has a bit of a cold and hasn’t gone 5 minutes without letting us know. He was awake after his morning nap for 5 hours. That is  long time for him. He acted tired the whole time, rubbing his eyes, crying refusing to eat, that sort of thing. It’s been like that all day.

I woke up this morning a bit cranky myself and not feeling very productive. I was tired, wanted to stay in bed and didn’t want to face the day. The cats, particularly Tatoo, meowed and howled all night long. Tattoo is here visiting so she get get spayed. Unfortunately she is a bit of a night cat. Holly has been having issues with her joints and woke up in pain after a night of little sleep. All this said, I fought the urge to be a bum and started the day with a 2 mile or so run followed by throwing in two loads of laundry. Also on my to-do list for today was making a cheesecake. It is currently in the oven and almost ready. I had hoped to bottle a batch of beer today, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. I haven’t even checked the gravity yet. I’ll check it in a bit and if it’s at a good spot, I’ll bottle it tomorrow. As for the rest of the day, it was spend watching Leif, doing dishes, taking a short trip to the general store, vacuuming, and blogging. I suppose I wasn’t too much of a bum today. After all, I get a cheesecake out if it. 🙂

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