Darn That Taco Bell

We went to town yesterday for our bi-weekly grocery run. It was a fairly easy day. We hit the usual spots. Wal-Mart, Costco, Safeway, and Krispy-Kreme. We even hit a few new spots. We went to breakfast at a grill & deli that we’ve never tried. Just next door to them was a Mac Store. No. Not an apple store. Just a Mac store. One place we went that we usually never go, but for some reason agreed to go, was Taco Bell. I wasn’t going to eat anything because I was fairly full from breakfast, but the chicken quesadilla that I got Gavin had spicy taco flavoring in it and he didn’t want to eat it. Instead he ate the beef taco that I didn’t know came with just about everything. This led to me eating the quesadilla. Bleh. Anyway, it wasn’t long after that I started not feeling to well. I made it home ok, but spend most of the night in the bathroom. Double bleh. Stupid Taco Bell. And what makes them stupid is that although I really really want to blame them, I can not. Because on top of previously stated conditions, I also had a 101? fever, sensitive skin, and a very weak body. 

This morning I told Holly about where I spent my night and told her I was tired. I was so incredibly tired. But she wanted lilikois to go with her guavas so she could make jelly. After mustering  up the energy I took out the trash and picked what sad lilikois I could find lying around. When I got back I was so out of energy. I laid down on the bed and tried to pass out. Holly gave me the thermometer so I could take my temp. And sure enough it was high. So I spent the day laying around, knitting, playing cards with Gavin, and sleeping. I’m still exhausted. On the plus side, we have awesome guava jelly now. And we had delicious shoyu chicken for dinner. On the down side, I’m still sick and our laundry didn’t get done today. Oh well. Better luck tomorrow. 

Darn Taco Bell