Does this make any sense, or am I just emotionally crazy?

So today at work I watched “Pearl Harbor” for the first time. As I was watching the heart-string-pulling ending, I realized that my life is longing for strong emotion. AKA, something that effects me enough to truly and whole-heartedly cry. There have been few situations that arose which made me very emotional and cry, but I feel like my life is currently unbalanced in this area. Which leads me to believe that something tragic is on my heels. Of course this is not a good thing. And I don’t particularly want anything bad to happen. I’m hoping that this unbalance will be corrected with positive emotion. That something so wonderful happens that I can poor out emotion and cry all over the place. Or maybe I should just watch some more heart-wrenching movies and let myself cry at the end when the love interest finds out that he is going to be a dad just before he dies at the hands of the Japanese. Oh so sad.