Dry Stout

I finally got to brew my beer. I got paid on Friday, so on Saturday morning I took a trip to the beer store to buy my supplies.

I arrived home at 1 pm and by 2 pm I was setting up my brewing station. I finally opened the turkey fryer kit (a gas burner and large pot) that Mary bought me for Christmas. That took 30 minutes at least.


By 3 pm I was laying out all my ingredients, filling my pot with water, and lighting up the kettle. It was such a great setup. Next time I’m going to invite some friends over to play music, hang out and make some beer. That would be a fun brew session.

I had my kettle set up, a little table with all my supplies on it, a lounge chair, my guitar, and a pop up tent to protect me from any threatening weather. Perfect.

And it was perfect. I was so relaxed and in my element. And the beer came out just as it was supposed to. My measurements and timing was perfect and I ended up with a beautiful dark dry stout that is happily fermenting in my mini fridge in the Harry Potter closet.

Oh yes. It was a fine brew day.

The final recipe for my dry stout

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