Evening Laundry

It’s 10 o’clock at night and laundry is almost done. Our house is almost put together. The porch contains many empty boxes along with boxes that aren’t actually going to get unpacked. Those boxes are full of things that are just going to be stored. Hmmmm. We are still waiting for the arrival of our new son. Meanwhile, Gavin has had his first day of full-day kindergarden today. His mind hasn’t soaked it all in yet which makes it harder for him to discuss and recap his day. But from what I can gather, it was a success. 

Our new address is causing shipping confusion. We have tried to order two things now that will not ship to a P.O. box. Our house itself isn’t labeled with numbers or letters. It is technically one address. So how do we get things shipped accurately to our house? We’ll find out soon enough I suppose.

We have an appointment back in town on Friday to see the doctor. As of now, we are not planning to come back home without a baby. So if he doesn’t come on Friday, we’ll stay until Sat. If not Saturday, then we stay until Sunday. If not Sunday, well, I don’t think we’ll make it that far. 🙂