Father’s Day

I must say that despite having to work, I have really enjoyed my father’s day. The first time I woke up it was to a very cute little boy kissing his daddy saying, “Wake dad”. Then he went downstairs. Ignoring Gavin’s request and knowing that it was too early to really get up, I went back to sleep. A little while later, I was awakened again. This time to go eat breakfast and open presents. For breakfast, I was fed “pie”, as Gavin told me. What was laid out on the table was a plate full of waffles. Also there were bowls of blueberries, rasberries, strawberries whip cream, and little smokies. Mmmm. Talk about a breakfast. I was so full afterwards. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have room for the bar of Lindt Truffles that Holly bought me. Oh yeahhh. Then Gavin told me I had presents to open and he brought me a present to open. He helped me with all 3 of them. Two books and a shaving mirror for the shower. Our old shower mirror is useless. Especially now, he he. That was pretty much my day. I got to spend some time with Holly as I drove her to work at around 10:30am. Then I went home and played with Gavin until mary carried him off to the 50th State Fair in Honolulu where the Scottish Dance Group was performing. This left me all alone in the house for 2 1/2 hours before I had to go to work. I called my dad of course. Then I proceeded to wash some dished and then do nothing. Well, almost nothing. I watched a movie that we bought the other day. Holly will have to watch it another time. Holly and I don’t get to watch many movies together anymore. But I think that we will get to watch this one together (one day) since we own it. Now I’m getting ready to close the theatre. It’s about 8:45pm or so. Not a bad night at the theatre. All my co-workers wished me a happy father’s day. I should be at home and in bed by 11:30 PM. That is my father’s day. Oh yeah. While at work, I went to the video rental store in the shopping complex here and rented “Carnivale”. The first two episodes anyway. I want Holly to watch it because it is an awesome show. I highly recommend it. See it…….NOW.