Father’s Day Recap

Father’s Day recap:

Leif is a beautiful boy who I can’t imaging being without. He’s been testing his voice to see how high a pitch he can make. He can say “bye” and he roars when he sees a lion (they are all over in Hawaii), barks when he sees a dog, loves to be out and about, and is just an overall awesome kid. Holly got to raise Gavin and watch him grow and do all his firsts. Leif is my child. I get to watch him play and learn and grow and smile. I luvs him so much.

Gavin is seven and was thrilled to get his motorcycle gear for his birthday. He is always wanting to do stuff with me and that makes me happy. I don’t always get to do something with him and that makes me sad. One day he won’t be so willing to hang out with dad. He loves playing with his legos when Leif goes for his naps. He can handle a computer almost as well as I can. He has good friends and is such a pleasure to have him around. I miss him when we send him away to Granny’s. Amazing that they are both so awesome. We totally lucked out.

Holly is as beautiful as ever. She puts up with me and loves me lots. This was her year for illustration. She’s got herself three more contracts now and they are all finished and waiting to be printed. We’ve come a long way in the past year and it’s been so wonderful to be on the same side again. She is my best friend. I’ve never been able to talk to anyone the way I can talk to her now. I feel so much better having her by my side. Thank you Holly for a wonderful year of growth and happiness.

We were lucky enough to have beautiful weather on Father’s Day. The sun was out, the leaves were all green and the flowers were all at their brightest. We’ve been lucky enough to live in this house surrounded by gorgeous jungle with it’s torch ginger flowers, birds of paradise, bananas, lilikois, avocados, geckos, white plumerias, papayas and more. And that is just on the property.

Nature was just all around and at it’s best. I was able to just sit back on the porch, relax, bbq, and watch the sun move across the sky as the plants and wildlife did what they are supposed to do. It was a beautiful day to be a father.

Holly bought be a local beef bone-in steak for dinner. I grilled it up with pepper, salt, blue cheese, basil and roasted red bell peppers. It was a fine dish. Quite delicious and perfect alongside my home-brewed honey-vanilla ale.

Unfortunately, food doesn’t last.We ates it all up and it was gone, save the bones (we thought about eating them though). So now here I am at thirty having had 7 Father’s days.

This was my first Father’s day in about 5 years that I didn’t spend at Gordon Biersch. But there is nothing at Gordon Beirsch that I didn’t have here. Thank you Holly, Leif and Gavin for making this a wonderful father’s day.

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