Feeling Creative

I am feeling creative today. I don’t know what I will do about it though. Maybe I will write a little. Maybe I will try to do some drawings. I’m not sure. It is Thursday night and this is my long night at the theatre. I’ll be here until about 3 am, so if I don’t get time to do anything creative, at least I will have been busy doing something.
Holly had her orientation on Tuesday. She told me about a guy in her class that plays bass. His name is Tim. Aparently he is new to the island and doesn’t really have a place to live yet. Hopefully he can find a place on our side of the island and Holly can coerce him into playing with Gabe and I. That will be great. Then we will have 3 people and we can play at Gordon Biersch. Yay. Anywho… we will see what happens.