Friday night.

This should be a very exciting Friday night. Holly and Mary get to go to the first opera of the season. As per tradition they will head out early for dinner before heading to the opera. Holly bought a beautiful red dress to wear for the occasion. I will be taking pictures before they leave. When they head out, Gavin and I will be meeting a fellow musician, picking up a few goodies, and going to Gabe’s house to rock out. Should be interesting.

My first week of being free from the theatre has been great. I love not having to go to work at 4pm. I love not getting done with work at 2am. I have got a lot done for Karatedepot and they are excited.

After reading some Curious George books with Gavin, I finally took him to go see the movie. He really enjoyed it. It showed during his nap time, but he stayed awake the whole time. He laughed and giggled and all that good stuff. It was a cute movie. Although I didn’t really like the Drew Barrymore character. Eh, whatever. George was really cute.