Gee wiz!

Gee wiz, where to begin. So many things have happened since my last post. Gavin’s birthday happened. Christmas happened. New Years happened. Holly graduated. Holly started her job. I put in my notice at the theatre. Our house got tented for termites. Our car got fixed. I hit 1000 miles on my motorcycle. I laughed. I cried. I played scrabble. There is just so much. To start off, I will say that I have updated our Photo album with 143 pictures of most of these events.

Being home and awake on Christmas morning with Holly and Gavin was so incredibly wonderful. It made me so happy to see their faces. Gavin understood what was going on. He left a note and some cookies and a shot of scotch for Santa. His face lit up brighter than our tree when he discovered the remaining crumbs, empty glass and a brand new tricycle waiting for him. It was just such a good feeling. I love my family.

Holly graduated on the 18th of December. Gavin and I went to her graduation. It was a long event, but we waited anyway. I was so proud of her.

Holly also started her new job on the 3rd. She is liking it a lot it seems. She has some new librarian clothes and is very sexy, but I feel she needs some more sexy librarian clothes.

Our house has finally been approved for tenting. It took place on Monday the 9th. We rented a hotel in Honolulu for the night. Not thinking very clearly, I thought this was to be a wonderful night out on the town to end in a lovely romantic evening. Silly me, what was I thinking. It was such a busy day. So tiring. That morning, I drove Holly to work at 6:30am and then back to the house to meet Mary who was waiting for the tenting people. Then we had to drive back over to Honolulu to drop off my car for some repairs. Then we had to drive back across the island so I could take care of a few theatre items on my list. Then it was back across the island to Honolulu again to go to Ala Moana shopping center. Then finally over to the hotel to check in at 3pm. Phew. Then immediately after check-in, I drove over to pick Holly up from work. We returned to the hotel at 5ish only to head back out and try to find dinner. You think this would be easy. We ended up at Ruby Tuesday’s after an hour or so of walking around Honolulu. After this very filling dinner, we walked back to the hotel, watched and episode of “Orange County Choppers” and plopped down tired into our bed. The following morning, Mary drove Holly to work and Gavin and I had cereal and played cars for the next few hours. As it turned out, our car was not ready that day either. So when it was time to check out, I drove Mary to class and then took Gavin to eat lunch and go to Ala Moana beach park. This took most of the time we had to waste. Finally we headed over to pick up Holly from work at 3:45pm (late) and then over to UH to pick up Mary at 5pm (late again). We stopped at 7eleven to pick up some bentos for dinner then headed home finally. We arrived at home around 6pm ( I again missed my weekly meeting at the theatre. Bummer.). The floor was evenly spread with dead cockroaches. It was an ugly sight. But we cleaned them up and unbagged all the ingestible items that we bagged in preparation for the tenting. After which I enjoyed a relaxing beer before heading to bed. Ahhhh, my bed. So comfortable.

This past Wednesday, I had a conversation with the General Manager at the theatre and explained to him that I would be quitting. I explained that my other job pays me quite a bit more money, that Holly now has a full time job, that I had other health insurance, and basically that my life right now would be better off without the theatre. He understood where I was coming from and was pretty understanding. But he was very worried that the “upper management” would tell him that he can’t take the one-month-long vacation he wants to take in March. He just paid a non-refundable $3200 for a trip to the Philippines. Oh well.

On the way home from O’Tooles in Honolulu, I hit 1000 miles on my motorcycle.

Gavin’s birthday was cool. We went to see the Nutcracker. We all got dressed up and headed out at 4:30pm. Our first stop was our favorite Thai food restaurant. This will become tradition since it was Thai food which caused Holly to go into labor. Then after dinner, we headed to the ballet. Gavin was so interested in it. He watched it and followed it very closely. When the boy broke the nutcracker, he said, “awww, he broke nutcracker mom.” It was terribly cute. The orchestra was great as usual. Gavin spent most of the intermission hitting on little girls who he thought were pretty. He spent the rest of the intermission hitting on the rest of the girls. He he. After intermission (9:40pm), he finally got too tired to pay attention and curled up in his chair and fell asleep. He loved the Nutcracker. It was a really nice experience.

New Years was ok. I had to work which was a bit of a bummer. I rode home on my motorcycle in the smoke. I would say that there was success in driving out all the evil spirits. To back track a bit, before I left for work Mary started the celebration by making Margaritas. Very strong Margaritas. Now she knows that a jigger is 1.5 oz, not 1 oz. Anyway. While I was at work Mary and Holly got a bit shnockered. Beth and Reed and Chris were also over enjoying some fireworks and food. When I got home at 11:00pm our house seemed to be empty. Mary had taken a nap and Holly was as well. So I decided to join Holly for a nap. 😉 Or were we just bringing in the New Year properly? Closer to midnight we all emerged out of our rooms (not Gavin) to drink to the New Year and watch fireworks. It was nice. There were lots of aerials. We had a bottle of cheap champagne which we managed to finish. Mostly me I think. Holly had about a sip of it and Mary had about 1 or 2 classes full. I had the rest, with the exception of the little bit that ran out of the bottle when I kicked it over. Oops.

Well, that is most of it. Anything that happened between those events, I either forgot or don’t want to share. Sorry. If I think of anything or change my mind, I’ll put up another post. Until then, I hope every one had wonderful Holidays. I miss you all. I love you.