A bit tired tonight. I had a lot to do today. Holly and Gavin were home from work and school. I of course had to work. I was able to get quite a bit done. But on top of work, I had some updates to the HSA website to make and was given a design to prepare for a t-shirt. I did a reasonable amount of work. We also got 2 loads of laundry done. Tomorrow is tuesday. My first batch of beer might be ready to chill and drink. I’m going to put one bottle in and test it in the evening. If it is ready, I’ll chill a few more bottles. I’m very excited. 

Nothing special to report I suppose. We are all getting over our lingering cold. Mostly just sniffles now. Leif is much less grumpy. We sat today and watched a bunch of old videos of Gavin from when he was younger. There were some of him at the same age that Leif is now. He was oh so cute. It made me excited to see Leif grow up. Will he spend hours jumping over the edge of the carpet? Will he spend hours running around naked outside? One thing is for sure. He will be darn cute. 

This coming weekend is Burn’s night. I’ve booked my tickets to fly over to Oahu. I’m getting in at 1 and won’t have a ride until around 4. What to do? Oh wait. I know. I’ll go to Gordon Biersch. 🙂 Hmmm. It almost seems planned. It will be a fast weekend. Friday will just zoom by. Saturday will be all about Burns night. And then I leave on Sunday at around noon. I look forward to it though. I went to a dance practice when I was there last weekend. It made me really miss dancing. I wish I had a group I could dance with on a weekly basis. I was lucky to have had one right near by in Bakersfield. Anyway, I need to get back to dancing somehow. I think it will help that I have passed the first test in getting my teaching certificate. It’s my foot in the door. And one step closer to Scotland. 

I’m starting to get into that babbling, thinking-about-things-too-much stage. And that means I need to go to sleep. G’night.

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