Good Ikea, Bad Ikea

Yesterday, Holly, Gavin and I went down to Ikea with the intention of me buying a bed and a dresser. I finally found the ones I wanted. And I can’t order them online. Which meant that I had to drive down to Burbank to the nearest Ikea. Yay Ikea for having the bed I want. I have been looking for a while for the bed I like and want. So we went shopping. I went to the bed section and got my PO for my bed. Then we walked around the store shopping other things. I finally got a garbage can for my bathroom. I now have an ice tray that makes bottle ice cubes. After browsing the store and picking up a few things, we went to the self-help section to pick up the boxes for my dresser. Oh yeah. Things were good. We paid for everything and then went to wait in line to get the boxes for my bed. Meanwhile, Holly bought ice cream and we all sat and ate it. Yum. Yum. They finally called my number and then I knew there would be a problem. They came out with a cart that had a very large thin box that I just knew wouldn’t fit in the car. *sigh* But I tried anyway. I fit everything in the car except for that large thin box (the headboard and footboard). I really didn’t want to return it. But I had no choice. So I waited in the return line. When I got to the counter the lady asked why I was returning it. I told her it didn’t fit in my car. She sort of chuckled and asked if I had been to the home delivery section. Doh!. So I went over to the home delivery section where I waited in line for a good 15-20 minutes. When I got close to the counter she gave me a form to fill out. I did. And when it was finally my turn, I handed her the paper, in which she replied, “I’s sorry, we don’t deliver to that area.” Arg. Stupid Ikea. So back to the return line for me. I returned the head and footboard. Next week is the highland games. SO we will go back down on Sat for the games. Then on Sunday, we will rent a truck and go back to Burbank to buy my headboard. At least I will anyway. Gavin will not be able to ride in the truck, so they will stay behind and send me on a mission. So by next week, I will finally get to sleep on my own new awesome bed. I can’t wait. Meanwhile, I put together my dresser. I love it. It looks bigger in my bedroom than it did on the Ikea showroom floor, but I love it none-the-less. Gavin has his own drawers now. I don’t have to live out of my suitcase anymore. 🙂

On a similar, but different note, on the way down to Burbank, we stopped 3 times for Gavin to pee. As we drove through the mountain we passed a sighn that read “Fire Danger: High”. “Do you think the danger is ever not high?” I asked. “Probably when it snows” replied Holly. On the way home, we passed the same rest area that we stopped for Gavin to pee at a few hours earlier to find that half the mountain side was smoking and ablaze with small balls of fire. There were fireman, trucks and helicopters all around. The air smelled of burning wood. The sky to the east was a glowing orange color. It was certainly an amazing sight to see. I’ve seen images of forest fires and such on tv, but it was amazing to see it up close and live. I can’t even explain how mezmerizing it was.