Graff aka. Malty, Slightly Hopped Cider

Last year I wanted to make some hard cider for the holidays. After looking up some recipes, I found that cider should mature for a good 4 or 5 months if you want good cider. So I set out early this year to make me some cider. Then, after much searching, I actually settled on a recipe for Graff ( beer infused cider). Graff needs only to mature for a few weeks.


The recipe I found sounded really good. It was made by many people who all gave it really good reviews. So that is what I went with. I made a few slight modifications, but still should be really delicious.

Graff (Malty, Slightly Hopped Cider)

1/2 lb Crystal 60
1 oz Flaked Barley
4 gal Apple Juice (100% Organic from Costco)
2 lbs light DME
.5 oz Hops of choice (approx 6%AA)
1 pkg Safale US-05

Now, I did something really silly. I order my supplies from They have a new online ordering system that will only allow to order grains by the pound*. So I ordered 1 lb of Crystal 60 and 1 lb of Flaked Barley. Now here comes the silly part. I forgot to add a special note to bag the two grains separately. So when I received them in the mail, all the grains were mixed into one bag. Therefore, my actual recipe has an unknown ratio of Crystal 60 to Flaked Barley. Altogether though, I added about 10 oz 9 oz of grains. I figured that should cover it.

OG – 1.052
FG- 1.012

  1. Steep grains in 3/4 gal of water @ 155? for 30 min. Do not boil grains.
  2. Sparge grains with 1/4 gal of 170? water
  3. Add DME and bring to a boil
  4. Add hops and boil for 30 minutes
  5. Cool wort.
  6. When wort is cooled to approx 80? add it to the 4 gallons of Apple Juice in your fermenter.
  7. Pitch yeast (with the Safale 05, there is no need to make a starter. Just rehydrate.)
  8. Ferment for 1 week, move to secondary
  9. Bottle after about 1 week in secondary.
  10. Prime with 2.5 oz of corn sugar (adjust according to your temperature conditions)

* has since added the option to order by the ounce

One thought on “Graff aka. Malty, Slightly Hopped Cider

  1. How did it turn out?

    I’ve made a few similar recipes and I really like them but most my friends think they’re too tart. I like tart though. I’m about to boil a triple recipe and try to mix it in three carboys and add different yeast to each carboy just for fun.

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