Granny, Moura, Kitty day

It’s 6 am and we all are awake. We spent last night packing clothes for the weekend. For today is Granny, Moura, Kitty day. In a short while, we’ll be on our way up to the superferry. It’s a beautiful boat ride over to Oahu. And we’re all going. Including the “Mama Car”.  Gavin has spring break next week and my cat is set for release from quarantine today. So we’re all heading over to Oahu for a little vacation. It will be grand. I am so excited to see my cat again. And this visit, she gets to come home with me. I don’t have to turn my back on her again to ditch her in that lonely cage. Oh happy day. I miss her. 

I get to go to Gordon Biersch once again. My favorite restaurant/brewery. I’ve spent many a good time there, including post divorce application/altercation chicken wings and beer. Looking back on it, that evening at GB was a good one. 

On Monday, I get to see my good friend Gabe. His daughter is turning 3. And I get to join in on the birthday fun, which will include a bit of jammin’ on my guitar.

Gavin gets to see Granny again after a few months. He also gets to see a little kitten that granny came upon. That kitten will be coming home with us. 

In turn, Granny gets to see Gavin again after a few months. She also gets to see Leif again. He is quite a few pounds heavier than when she saw him last. Beautiful boy.

And of course Holly gets to see her Mom again. And she gets a wee vacation.

But its time to leave now. Lots to do. O happy day.