Guava Ale

After success with making a lilikoi ale, in which I didn’t post, I decided to try my hand with the guavas that were falling off the trees. I had a few ingredients lying around and thought they’d work nicely. See the recipe below.

A few weeks later and I popped open the fist bottle. Nicely carbonated with a thin beige, almost slightly pinkish head, the flavor of guava is noticeable, but not overpowering or too sweet. It is a very nice, quite drinkable and very tasty guava ale.

Guava Ale

.47 lb Crystal 60
.47 lb Flaked Barley
.53 lb Candi Clear
2 lb Extra Lt DME

.6 oz Tettnanger 3.9% @ 60 min
.4 oz Green Bullet 12.9% @ 15 min

Safale US-05 yeast
Approx. 20-30 Guavas (boiled 10 minutes with 3/4 cup sugar & 2 tbsp lemon juice).

Boil grains 60 min @ 155°
Add candi & DME
Add Tettnanger @ 60 min
Add Green Bullet @ 15 min
Cool wart to pitching temp.
Add guava juice & pitch yeast

Ferment for 7 days (or until reach target gravity)

Prime with 3.5 oz corn sugar (adjust according to fermentation temp).

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