Hands Percussion Team

As I walked into the post office yesterday, I noticed a flyer on the bulletin board. “Hands Percussion Team at Hana Bay. Tonight at 7 pm.

Leif was too cranky and ready for bed, but Gavin and I were excited and ready for noise. We drove down to the bay where Heline Hall was buzzing with anticipation. The seats were almost full when we walked in. Finding two seats right in the middle, we sat down and waited. Shortly after two of Gavin’s friends showed up and found seats two rows in front of us. Gavin ditched me at this point.

Now every one was settled ant it was time to start. No sooner had the Hands Percussion Team been introduced than the subtle sound of a drum started to beat. This turned into a fast solo which then grew into a floor shaking, heart thumping, percussion masterpiece that was joined by seven more face painted drummers. It was absolutely fantastic.

After the first set, they allowed the kids to all sit up front inches away from the rolling drums and dancing percussionists. Hands shaking an butt wiggling, Gavin sat right up there and imagined playing along.

Halfway through one of their sets, it must have been obvious that the adults were doing the same thing. The beat quieted and slowed and a few adults were beckoned up, handed large drum sticks, and asked to play along with them. Following this, they got us all to play a copy cat game of clapping and yelling. It was loads of fun and sounded awesome.

Hands Percussion Team and Gavin

Gavin Drums

Gavin Drums

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