Happy Friday

Gavin had off from school yesterday and today. Yesterday, I spent the day working and poor Gavin was a little bored. He did play with his toys and computer games, but he really wanted to play with me. Leif did not have a great day yesterday and because of it, Holly took half the day off to let Leif sleep at home in a nice comfy bed. This made the day abnormal. Holly is not usually home during the week and it threw off my sense of day. Oh well. Today I felt in the mood to clean house. I put away more boxes, threw away some boxes full of garbage, washed the dishes, put away the clean laundry that has been littering our floor, swept, and fixed the broken outlet that was supposed to be fixed weeks ago by a real electrician. Again, Oh well. The house is getting more and more in order. There are still a few things we have to do. Like really have to do. Like get Mary’s hutch out of our living room. Also, we need to buy some more shelves for all our books. And we need to buy gavin a little night stand for next to his bed so that he can have a reading lamp and a place to put all his night time books. Oh, and we need some more hangers. I don’t remember having this many clothes. How is it that we took all our clothes and hangers from CA and still are short on hangers? Oh!! I’m really excited. I just ordered like 6 shirts from Threadless.com that are awesome. I can’t wait to get them in the mail. Hmmmmm. I think I get it now. Well. Happy Friday.