Harry Potter, Camera and Krispy Kreme

It’s been over a month now and I miss my boy. One week until I fly over to fetch him, which means it’s only one week before Holly gets to go watch the new Harry Potter flick. And don’t think I’m not going to watch it either. After Holly brings me to the airport, she is going to go watch Harry Potter with Leif. When I get back with Gavin, we are all going to see it. That way Holly can be sure not to have missed anything, and I’ll get to watch it as well.

So while we were over on Oahu visiting the visiting relatives and celebrating birthdays and fathers, Holly’s camera went kaput. I guess it just couldn’t handle all the tiki torch fun, excitable kids, tremendous fun, breathtaking action, beautiful baby, sun stricken beaches, and of course the fine grit sand that filled all it’s pukas.

We decided that we had to buy a new camera and that we should get a good one. Most of our cameras have not quite been up to standard. So while at Costco last Saturday we made the mistake of looking at their cameras. It didn’t take long for us to drip drool all over the point-and-shoot cameras as we looked at the SLR cameras. Oh, we were in heaven. No doubt that is what we want. But oh, the price. So we lust. We lust for the Canon EOS Rebel XSi.

In other news, I turn 30 in just 3 weeks. I suppose it’s a bit cliché, but I’ve decided to jump into an exercise/diet program I’ve been seeing on the telly for years now. I was never a super buff guy, but I’ve always been in shape, so for my 30th birthday, I’d like to change that a little and increase the buffness. 🙂 I’ve also not been completely satisfied of the direction my eating habits have gone. I still don’t eat McDonalds or Burger King, but eating at Koho’s and Krispy Kreme every weekend will have an effect as well. So away I go.

9 thoughts on “Harry Potter, Camera and Krispy Kreme

  1. I bought the same camera and I love it. Now that we are back on the mainland, we are doing the “road trip” thing when time allows and this camera is awesome in all sorts of conditions…from the bright light of the desert to the gray skies of Seattle. I am now saving for more lens:=)

    • Always more lenses. Part of why we lust after the Rebel at Costco is because it comes with two lenses. The standard 18-55mm and the 55-250mm lens. Fwaaaa.

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