Hefeweizen Good, Pale Ale Bad

I bottled the hefeweizen last night. It looked promising. It made a full 23 bottles, which is more than I thought it would make due to my paranoid testing and testing. The pale ale I made got me all worrying about the hefeweizen, but I bottled it all the same. We’ll see in a week if it is worthy. As for the pale ale, I’ve dubbed it kaput. This is the first time that a beer failed. And it was my own fault. I was not careful enough. It was probably contaminated by a cat or something. So it was a good thing that I made the back up Hefeweizen. I’m kind of glad that my first failed beer is out of the way though. Now it’s over with and I don’t have to feel pressured by myself to make a fantastic beer every time. Or something like that. At any rate, I’m heading to Oahu tomorrow for the weekend and plan on stopping back in at Home Brew In Paradise to buy more ingredients for another brew. I’ll have to find a way to keep the wort chilled though for fermentation. I’ve only been able to keep it at 75?. My house it probably 80-85?. I’m not able to buy some sort of cooling system yet and am thinking of keeping it in a bathtub full of cool water. We’ll see how it goes. Until then, I look forward to drinking my hefeweizen. Pictures to come.

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