How was your week?

Well, this past couple of days has been both a bummer and nice at the same time. Holly’s vacation has finally come around. We have spent lazy time watching the TV and eating cake and waffles and had time to be smoochy. But one thing that was unexcpected was my arm. While at work someone asked me what I did to my arm. I told them it was a mosquito bite. Little did I know that my “mosquito bite went from this:

To this:

All within 3/4 of a day. Well, at the time it wasn’t quite that bad. But as you can see it is now. So I went to the doctor. She measured how big it was, gave me some antibiotics and told me “Take two of these and call me in the morning.” So the next day I went back and she measured again. Hmmm, it got bigger. Damn. So they hooked me up with more antibiotics. I feel great. And by that I mean, my arm hurts and my stomach feels like crap and no food sounds good to me. I have been lounging around the house. Holly’s co-worker and class mate had a birthday on Thursday, so Holly invited her over for a yummy waffle brunch. I had been to the doctor that morning and unfortunately couldn’t hold myself up during bruch, so I had to go up and lay down. I feel bad I missed most of her visit. That night I called in to work. On Friday, I didn’t have to work, and I spent the whole day resting. Ha ha. Actually, I spent the morning at the doctor and the whold afternoon getting rid of our old fridge, a BBQ grill, and our old rug. To do that I borrowed a friends truck and drove said items all the way to the Salvation Army in Honolulu (where we were assured they would take our items) and immediately turned away because there was some rust (ok, a lot of rust) on the items. This was the second day I was wasting on this dumb fridge. So we drove back across the island and straight to the dump where we waited 30 minutes in a line just to get to the heaping pile of scrapped crap. Then we returned the truck back to my friend and headed home. We arrived back home around 3pm. Then I plopped on the couch and sat around like a lump. Today (Saturday) I sat around even more and watched mindless TV. Tonight I venture off to work where I will sit around wanting to do nothing and having to do “stuff”. What a bummer. My arm still hurts. I am still taking antibiotics, I still have no energy, my stomach still feels like crap, and I am constantly hot. How was your week?