I think I have a hang-out

For anyone who doesn’t already know, one of my all-time favorite places to go is Gordon Biersch. I’ve gone there for almost every birthday and father’s day for the past 8 years. But recently, now that I’m back living on Oahu, I’ve made it a point to visit GB more frequently. As it turns out, I have to be at a weekly appointment in a building that is not even a block from there. I get out just in time to make happy hour. So what better to do that have a little dinner and a beer?

For dinner I enjoy their Mediterranean chicken flatbread

There is nothing better for desert than their bread pudding.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting their head brewer. He gave me a tour of the facilities and what a normal brew day entails for him. Then he gave me a free beer. Holly says that counts as a date. P’shaw.

And what is a trip to Gordon Biersch without enjoying one of their delicious beers? My two favorites there are their Märzen and their Schwarzbier. Two totally amazing beers. They are all quite tasty though.

Then just to make GB even awesomer is it’s atmosphere. It’s right on the water where you can watch the fish swim by (I saw a real pufferfish for the first time there), and if you’re there at the right time, a beautiful sunset.

So yeah. I think I have a hang out. Someplace I can go to regularly to hang out and relax and occasionally listen to some live music. Anyone care to join me?

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