I’m excited

Last night I went to Volcano Joe’s. It was kind of wierd. I played my two songs and did fairly well considering I broke a string during the second song and have a sore throught froma cough I have. I met some new people and chatted with them and just had a good time. I ordered a 9″ BBQ chicken, bacon and garlic pizza for dinner. It was good. But I have to remember to not eat garlic when I go out. Not good for the breath doncha know. I like VJ’s though. It’s a good atmospere. And it’s about the music so I don’t feel pressure to have an awesome performance. Not that I don’t try to do good, but the pressure isn’t there. And that helps.

I leave for NY in 3 days not. I am so looking forward to seeing my friends and family. Yes, and even work. They purchased a new laptop that I will be using while I’m there. I just have to remember to bring my programs. While I’m in NY, I will work and play. Visit my good friends in the city, go to a concert, and see my family. It will be a fun trip. I’m excited.