It’s not if, but when.

I made it to Oahu. I decided to venture out into the night on my motorcycle. It’s the first time I’ve driven Hana hwy with the motorcycle. And of course it rained most of the way up. There were a lot of cars on the road too. They kept blinding me. And I kept slowing to 5 mph or even stopping when they did. After 30 minutes of riding or so, I started getting a little used to the windiness of the road. I was able to handle the curves with a little more confidence. The number of cars coming the other direction decreased. And the rain slowed to just more than a mist. Things were looking up. Then I spotted a car coming from the other direction. I slowed down in anticipation. He came around a curve and blared his high beams right in my eyes. I slowed down some more. Then as he passed I regained my vision and saw I was entering really sharp turn, so I slowed down some more. Only this time the back tire locked. I let up and tried again. It locked again. And at a mere 5 mph I plopped my bike over into a big pile of mud. Splat. How embarrassing. My first whatever it was called, and no scrapes, no bumps, nothing dramatic. Just plop. Right into a pile of mud. Although, I suppose I’d rather there is no damage to my bike, than to have a dramatic story to tell.

One thought on “It’s not if, but when.

  1. I take full credit, on account of my mad visualization powers. The question is, did I make your bike tip over, or keep you from tipping off a cliff? 😉

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