Joshua Amir Nossoughi – In Loving Memory

This is one of those posts I wish so hard I didn’t have to write. Joshua Amir Nossoughi, died on Saturday, July 9th 2011. He was a great friend of mine and many others. I’ve known Josh for many many years. He was a wonderfully caring, talented, selfless person. My memories of him bounce through my mind and it makes me happy. He had such an air about him that everybody loved. You couldn’t help but to love him.

So many memories I have of Josh are based around his amazing talent on the piano. The man could play anything effortlessly. He would make things up to make you laugh by singing silly songs about the color of your hair or what he ate for breakfast. Or he could keep the atmosphere serene with some beautiful classical music. Whatever mood you were in, he had the ability to mimic it through the piano.

Josh was the person to hang out with. You never quite knew what was in store when you did so. You might end up trying to order Sassafras in a McDonald’s drive through, taking a random trip to go snow skiing, spending the day at the pool with frozen smoothies, visiting his sister and nieces, going to a diner, or whatever else presented itself. If there was fun to be had, he could find it. And if there wasn’t fun to be had, he would make it. That was who he was.

Josh had an amazingly huge heart. He never asked for a lot or wanted to have everything. Just the opposite. He would, without question offer whatever he had, be it food, clothes, money, time, or energy, to someone who needed it. And it didn’t stop there. He followed through with his generosity. If you needed a ride somewhere, he would give it. Then he would offer a ride back. If you needed money for a drink of water, he would make sure you had enough for a milk shake.

The past few years, I’ve not had the opportunity to be as close to him as I used to be, though, I’ve thought of him constantly. He has left a lasting impression on me, as I’m sure he has to so many others in his 33 years of life. He is not one to be forgotten. He will be remembered forever by his friends, his family, his wife and 3 sons, and anyone lucky enough to have met him. Joshua Amir Nossoughi, your name and memory will live on forever in everyone you touched. I love you.

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  1. I miss you so much josh my life been alot harder recently and I pull through everyday some how but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of u there hasn’t been a day I hadn’t shed a year for you ..I wish u was here i’ll never forget you..u changed my life I owe u my life don’t forget me cause i’ll never forget u r.i.p joshua ps.I ain’t mad that u left me in this world by myself.I know didn’t wanna go I wish I would of helped ya when I had a chance now it’s too late goodbye big bro love you!

  2. I am the piano tuner at Purchase College. Josh was INTO the piano shop and spent otherwise meandering hallway moments in my shop on the 1st floor. He was endlessly curious about how the mechanism was able to deliver power and repeat notes at varying volume levels. He and I were good friends while he was at the school. Once carried an enormous home-type console organ (with two manuals) from the music building, across the campus to his dorm room! When he asked me if he could use it, I said “Josh if you can carry it over there you may use it all you like”……HE DID. But … Josh … I’m sorry Josh. Love you bro. I’m sorry he’s gone. It’s a tragic loss and terribly saddening.

  3. I just found out about Joshua’s death. Josh was a student of mine at SUNY Purchase and without question the most hilarious and creative student I have had the pleasure of working with. I was poking around, trying to find him on Facebook, and then googled his name, only to find this horrific news. I cannot believe such a vibrant young man’s life was cut so short. Losing a former student is kind of like losing a child. Josh was wonderful in every respect. I will never forget him.

  4. joshua i miss you everyday it is so hard to go on.we had a lot of good times and ill never foget the memories we share or the way you would cheer me up.ill remember how careing you are and what a big impact you had on me. ill miss you forever big bro

  5. We are horrified to hear about Josh’s death and our thought and prayers go out to his wife Anya, three children, and the entire Nossoughi family. He was a wonderful charismatic person.

  6. I wanted to post once more for David joshes older brother. josh had told me a lot about you and if you need to talk here is my number 4175363631 text

  7. Josh you are missed so much i love you brother i cant wait for that chariot to carry me home cause i know you will be there Josh you where a great man and a great friend

  8. I want to thank you all who knew Joshy and helped create great memories for him and us all. For all those who new him in his early years…we had awesome times in youth groups with Josh and ya those skits were so funny. I remember the days of Creation festivals!!! what adventures those were with him. I am so glad to hear of all those who were blessed by his wonderful creative talents. He was faithful to bless others with his music and to influence them for the Lord. Even one or two songs that inspired others even in the moment. I remember a song he wrote when he was about 18 years old…”the little red tree frog” I wish I could remember all the lyrics for it but I told him then it was better than a Disney movie. He moved my creative juces to that precious love song he wrote about a little lonely red tree frog. It was so powerful that it was like watching a cartoon movie as he played and sang it. It was one of my favoirte songs he composed.
    He was so dedicated to playing the piano since he could pec out notes. Even before he took formal lessons he would spend hours playing by ear and teaching himself. Then when he got lessons he exploaded with talent. I used to drive him to his lessons and he would always make sure he was prepared for his teacher who he loved so much. His teacher inspired him for music much like Keith Green.
    If a material gift could be given to his children…I would think that his original black laquard upright childhood piano would be the one to give. His melodies still resonate in those strings and keys of that piano he spent so many hours and years pouring his heart and soul into.
    Joshy was loved…and Joshy loved. Lets let his memory live on in loving others selflessly and lavishly.

  9. I got lucky to have a strong bond with josh these past few years.I find myslef pondering on past times with him,and the many many things he tought me and help me over changed my life just for the fact that I was you brother.I want to give out my best wishes to anya and the boys you will never be forgotten as well as josh will never be forgotten.

    Love you all and god bless.

    I miss you so very in peace brother.

  10. I just learned of Josh’s passing and I am stunned and heartbroken. My heart also aches for his family. Josh was the baby of the family and I know that his parents and older siblings doted on him. The love was palpable. I had not seen Josh in years, but he was unforgettable. He was such a kind, warm, creative, talented, energetic young man who showed everyone his love and grace. He made everyone feel special and included. Josh will not be forgotten.

  11. Anya,
    Josh was a good friend of mine and I have many fond memories of him. It’s impossible to post them all here, but I will always have them just as you and so many others have their own memories and stories you will keep forever. Josh was an amazing person and I will never forget him.

  12. Thank you, Michael, for posting this in memory of Josh. Losing him will never stop hurting but I am glad to know there are so many people with wonderful memories of him.


  13. Maria & I remember Josh when he lived in Suffern, NY. Josh was the type of person you just wanted to hang out with. Josh was easy going, friendly & funny. You will always be remembered & never forgotten. We truly hope you are at peace!

    Our deepest condolences to both the Nossoughi family & his family.


    Ron & Maria Fiat

  14. Joshie was my baby brother. Thank you for the loving memories and the posts. You all obviously knew Josh. We have always been close but the past few years we were best of friends. He would call me and we would have entire conversations backwards in a private language we created through the years. I can’t stop smiling right now going through the pics and vids. I remember playing “The Year of the Cat” by Al Stewart and “The Lonely Man” Incredible Hulk TV closing scene while  little Joshie would sit beside  me on the piano bench working the notes out (he was about 6-7, maybe. What a great musician, singer/songwriter he became.  
                  A part of me is gone forever-I love you, or as you told me
    many times,”.uoy evol I”

    • David,

      I just saw this and wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss even though it has been some time now. I remember him coming with your family to visit you here in Jacksonville. How sad. Please take my email and send me a note sometime. I’d love to chat. It has been so many years. I have 3 beautiful daughters, Tiffany(24), Casie(21) and Lindsey(18) and a sweet little granddaughter, Reagan Olivia(3 months). I hope you and your family are doing well. I’d love to hear from you. My email is [email protected]. I look forward to catching up some day soon.

    • Hi David – not sure you would even remember me from CCCofG – I am so sorry to read about your brother – not sure if you will even ever see this. [email protected] if you do
      Cyndi Taylor
      Jacksonville FL

  15. I grew up with Josh in church and youth group. He always found a way to make everyone around him smile. We did all kinds of plays and fun skits together growing up. Josh was one of the brightest, most talented people I have ever met. I remember that he could hear something just once and then could play it back on the piano. He was amazing!!

    He had a way of making everyone feel comfortable and accepted! I will never forget all our memories from Abundant Life and Bethany Church. He was a great friend to have. Josh was an amazing person- He will be terribly missed!

  16. Growing up with Josh, you learned quickily, that when you were with you him, you had to keep up. He had so much energy and it seemed to never disappear. I’ll never forget the way Josh had the unparalelled ability to make us laugh. I remember one time he got a group of about 10 of us together and gave each of us a random sound to make. What started as a joke, turned into about an hour song that josh wrote on the spot using our noises as his beat. He was a great friend to have growing up, and he’ll be forever missed.

  17. I only got the chance to meet Josh briefly, but in that little time he had such an amazing effect. He gave me a little hope for this world and the people in it. In the past few years I notice people getting more and more selfish but Josh was beyond kind to a person he just met. I also got to see him interact with his boys and those children adored him, my heart goes out to them. I know Josh wasn’t perfect and had some issues but we all do in some form or another, I hope people can remember the kind person he was, he had a huge impact on me and I only knew him 1day!

    • josh was my bestfriend, i knew him that last 6 months of his life and i spent alot of time with him. He was a great man and i will always always miss him. That man impacted my life in such a big way, there is no way i could ever thank him enough. i know he is in heaven looking down on all of us smileing=]and ill get to see him again

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