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Last week was Gavin’s last week of kindergarten. He had a little party at the school on his last day. Since it was pot luck, we made some brownies to bring to the party. The paper said that we should be there at 8 and would be done at 11, which was perfect because Holly had to be at work at 10:30. But silly me read the paper wrong and really we didn’t have to be there until 11, and that meant that Holly couldn’t go. I did bring her down some food though. She does like her shoyu chicken.

It was neat seeing Gavin playing and interacting with his class mates. He was running around and playing with friends and climbing on the playground and what not. He even had kids coming up to me asking where Gavin was, and when I told them they would call to the other kids, “hey, Gavin is on the playground. Let’s go!” He had a following and a girl who claims to be his girlfriend. And it begins.

The Saturday after his last day of school he had a birthday party to attend. He’s was so excited about this party. We bought her a present when we went to town the week prior, which he begged us to wrap for a week. The day finally came for the party and Gavin couldn’t wait. The party started at 1pm so we told Gavin that we would go to the party after lunch. That was at 6 am. So every 30 minutes Gavin would ask us if it was lunch time yet. Such a cutie.

Of course it eventually was lunch time and then time for the party. Gavin had a blast. It turned out that they had a blow up pool on the back patio for the kids along with a laundry basket full of water balloons. We didn’t bring him spare clothes or a bathing suit, but that wasn’t going to stop him from enjoying the water activities. He was soaked in no time. Leif also had a good time. There was another baby there, though slightly older than him, who he played with quite extensively. Overall it was a nice party. The grown ups there would fun and interesting, Gavin had a super blast, the birthday girl really liked the trick cockroach that Gavin gave her, and Leif played so hard the didn’t sleep for 6 hours straight.

Which brings us to Sunday. Sunday was the day we traded our son in for a kitten. We drove up to Kahului and met Mary at the airport. She flew over to drop off her cat with us ( who knew it was cheaper to fly your cat to another island to get her spey ) then take Gavin back to Oahu on the next flight back. Now he is over with Granny for a few weeks while Tattoo ( the pretty grey/blue cat ) is here on Maui scaring us and hiding all day instead of going to the vet to get spey. How did she know? We thought she climbed the screen and fell out the window and ran away. Instead, she was hiding inside the couch all day. Now she is back. Dog gone kitty. She is so cute though.

I would post a few pictures here, but I plan on updating my website very shortly which will include a photo album section. I will be adding new photos there. It will also replace my flickr page. I will finally be self contained. 🙂

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