Labor Day Weekend

Brandi Carlile posts a preview of her next album. Let’s dance to that.

Dancing to Brandi Carlile's "Dreams"

I make myself look younger by trimming my head hairs:

Looking Younger Yet? Ta daaa

There we go. Now I look young again. None of this 30 crap. 🙂

Holly continues to turn into a zombie.

Zombie hand

Hey! Let’s dance to celebrate the turning into a zombie:

Yay Zombies!

When life gives you guavas, make jelly. Or when a friend give you guavas, make jelly. One of those.

Jelly making time

When life gives you darts, stick them to your child’s forehead. Oh come on. Like you never?

Dart on forehead

Labor day require grilling. Im pretty sure I saw it in the constitution.

Steak, blue cheese, tomato and basil. OMG!

Can you go wrong with NY steaks covered in blue cheese, tomato and basil? I think not.

Sexy grilling Ooooh. Fire. I can do that sexy as well. Checking the steaks all sexy like.

If you’re gonna grill some NY steaks, should you do it in a sexy manner? I think so.

And the result…. sexy, delicious, OMG, roll-your-eyes-back-in-your-head steaks.

Roll-your-eyes-back-in-your-head steak

Believe me. Holly and I were way more excited about these steaks than Gavin was. He did eat a lot of the steak though. Along with carrots and cheesy poofs.

Totally excited about dinner

Can you be any more excited about dinner? Yes you can. See?

Let me out!

And the icing on the cake? The Märzen that I brewed a few weeks back is finally finished and is the perfect compliment to tonight’s dinner. Oh how I wish I could share. Sort of. 🙂

The Märzen turns out awesome. Go me.

Labor Day weekend. Oh happy day.

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