Let’s make Christmas

The holidays are here. When I took this picture of Zenny wearing my 28 year old Santa hat, I realized I should be writing this down. So here I sit, eggnog in hand, to tell you a few things that have, thus far, helped make the holidays. 

I found a growler of some beer I made about 6 months ago. That in itself is a Christmas miracle. It turned out to be a decent dunkelweizen. But that wasn’t all. In looking for a growler to fill, I found a pint size flip top bottle that was also full of an old beer. This was, though, was a true find. It was a bottle of “Vader’s Morning Brew”. It is a coconut-vanilla-coffee imperial stout that I brewed in July. You want to talk about a beer that ages well. It was truly amazing. 

On the first week in December, we busted out our boxes of Christmas things and set to setting up out tree. As it turns out, we came away with the wrong box and ended up filling the tree with ornaments that weren’t ours. We also set up a strand of lights around our window and a set of rope lights out on the front railing. On trying to fix a few dead bulbs on the tree, I blew half the set on the window. How was I supposed to know the bulbs from the spare set would blow up all the other bulbs?


Then we have a cheese platter from an RSCDS party. What’s Christmas without cheese? 

And then there’s the trip to the world famous Ala Moana shopping center. Amongs all the stores is one of our favorite places to get $3 beer, bentos, and amazing baked goods. I didn’t get pictures of the beer or bentos, but the tree shaped cream puff was both picture worthy and a plethora of flavors, textures, and amazingness. 


Lastly, I threw in a picture of Gavin and Sookie. Why? Just because. Just because. 

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