Life Stuffs

Time seems to be flying by. I started this post over a week ago. So I’ve deleted my previous random sentences and am just going to give a recap.

I finally received my desk at work. I can stop working off my work bench and be proper. Now it’s time to start drinking coffee and answering the phone with “Computing Services, Mike speaking, can I help you?”

It’s hard to see, but there is an orange glow around the rim of this cloud. I’ve been appreciating the beautiful skies we’ve been having here.

Last Saturday, I set up shop out back to brew a Blueberry Sweet Stout. All the while playing guitar and sampling some of my previously made hefeweisen. Deeeelicious.

And this, my view from a stop light on my way to work. Beautiful, but a warning that I’m about to get soaking wet. Something you learn to accept when you choose a motorcycle as your main mode of transportation.

The end of a beautiful and therapeutic day of painting at Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon. Can one ask for more?

Ahh. Aloha Tower Market place. The home of Gordon Biersch and my weekly destination for a delicious beer, great jazz music, and an over-all good wind-down during mid-week.

And when you feel like you need an outlet, you can rip up a wall and remodel it. Actually , it just needed replacement. Plus, Gavin and Leif are coming back next week and Mary and I are trying to prepare the house. Plus, knocking out and re-building a wall is a great stress relief and meditation activity.

Job loss, separation, moving, kids on a different island, new job, therapy, family dramas, new job stress, yadda yadda yadda. I now have grey hairs. Whatevers. I’m older and wiser now. And all the things that make me grow grey, allow me to grow stronger.

Update: Gavin and Leif will be moving back permanently this coming week. Holly will be moving back come Halloween. Things are on the right track and will just get better from here. I’m enjoying life and all it throws at me. Bring it on!