Mary Gets Viral Meningitis

Mary was sick for almost a week when she went to the doctor. Actually, it got so severe that over the weekend, her sister drove her to the ER. They wouldn’t give her a definite answer, but they hinted that she might have viral meningitis. They told her that they couldn’t tell her for sure unless they gave her a spinal tap. A spinal tap wasn’t really wanted so they told her to go to her doctor in 4 days and they would see how she was doing. When we realized how serious this was, we sent Holly over on a plain to help take care of her. That was Tuesday.

This left me, Gavin and Leif home by ourselves. This was Leif’s first time spending a night away from Holly. We knew it would be rough. We all slept in my bed at night. Leif woke up a few times looking for Holly. He usually does this, rolls over, nurses a bit, and falls back asleep. Of course Holly was not there so he ended up crying quite a bit. Poor kid. He actually did better than I expected he would. I stayed up singing to him quite a bit in the middle of the night, but I didn’t have to walk him around the house until he fell back to sleep. That was nice. Gavin had a rough time as well with his little brother turning sideways, kicking him, and crying every few hours of the night. After a few days of this, we all flew over to visit ever improving Mary.

We stayed at Mary’s house for the weekend and the first few days of the following week. She had an appointment that Monday. They agreed that she was improving and told her to start adding her daily routines  back into her life, but to be cautious and me sure to stop at any signs of fatigue or lightheadedness. They left her with various bottles of controlled narcotics. Yum Yum. Fortunately she stopped needing them later that day. I suppose now she had a temporary source of income. 🙂

The last two days we were there, Mary improved vastly and did things like taking a trip to Costco, walking to the grocery store, and eating delicious foods. She was even getting a full solid night’s sleep.

With Mary feeling almost 100%, we decided to book tickets home for Holly and I, and leave Gavin there for the remainder of his spring break. He loves his granny and she loves him and we all would have been quite sad if Gavin couldn’t spend spring break with her.

It all sounds so simple in this post here, but the feeling we all had while Mary was sick was stomach churning. We were extremely fortunate. Meningitis is super serious and could have ended very different. We are so thankful that Mary had now made a full recovery.

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