My First Blog: What to write

I decided after lots of thinking that I might as well create a blog for myself. I do tons of writing anyay. I think better in text form. As some people know, when it comes to verbally expressing myself, it is easier to get thoughts out of the head of those sea monkeys that come in the little capuses. You know. The ones that you put in water and watch them grow. They are basically little sea creature shaped sponges. Anyway. We will see how this works. Most of my posts will probably be typed at work. Since that is where I am 80% of the time. Because of this, I also miss all the fun stuff at home. If you have read Holly’s blog lately, you will know what I’m talking about. Thursday is my birthday. I have to work that day (go figure). I will spend the day working for Karatedepot in the morning, opening presents and eating cake in the afternoon, then dreadfully drag my but to Aikahi theatre where I will spend the last 10 hours of my day. Oh well. At least I might have some presents that I can take with me to play with. Who knows. I recieced a present in the mail today from my grandmother (Mc). I recieved a gift from my other grandmother a few days ago. We will see what they are on thursday. I think the highlight of my birthday will not be on Thursday though. On the following Saturday, since I do not have to work, we will be heading over to Honolulu to go to Gordon Biersch. This is a brewery resaurant. This will be my first time there. Although it is certainly not the first time I will be drinking thier beer. Gordon Biersch is now my favorite beer. They make a few different kinds of beer, all varying in taste and flavor, Marzan being my favorite. Yum Yum. I hope you enjoyed my first post. I am now going to deposit our money in the bank and head on home to get some sleep. I will wake up tomorrow refreshed and ready for my run. I will discuss this in another post. G’night.