My heart goes thump

Well, to conclude the situation in my previous post, I will be letting the creepy, crazy new employee go this weekend. I have gotten nothing but creepy, crazy reports back from the other employees and managers. Better off that way. And it will save me from having to kill him. Yesterday was a stressful day. I started it off by working for Karatedepot. That was ok. When Gavin went down for his nap, I forced Holly to work on the WCC Aerospace website she was hired to do. But ended up doing it all myself. Oh well. It went faster that way. Almost done with it. Then her mom came home. She had lost her ATM card and was going ballistic over it. Everyone must get up and look for the things that she lost. We had to look for her old purse (that is where she thinks she might have left the ATM card). If we didn’t the it is all our fault. Everything. This is when I recalculated the number of days before we move out. Then, since it was Monday, I went with them to class so I could go to the open mic night at Volcano Joes. I was super annoyed with Holly’s mom the whole way over and didn’t want to be sitting next to her. It didn’t help that she kept trying to tell me how to drive. I hate when she does that. I finally dropped them off at the school and headed to Ward Warehouse so Gavin and I could eat dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. It was really good. Then Gavin and I went across the street to the beach for a while. It was a nice day for it. The water was a perfect temperature. There were a lot of people at the beach which made it more fun somehow. Gavin had a blast running in and out of the water with hands full of sand and rocks. After a while we went to shower off and change so we could take a ride back up to Volcano Joes where Holly’s mom was waiting for us. I then got to play guitar (which I sucked at that night) and wait eagerly for my wife to come strolling through the door. When she finally did, my heart starting thumping. I love that she still does that to me. We left before I really wanted to, but then again it was almost 9pm and we needed to get Gavin into bed. Next week, since Mary is not going to be taking this class anymore, I should be able to take Holly to class and enjoy a full night at Volcano Joes. That will be fun. It has gotten so that VJ’s is really the only guitar playing I get now a days. Nate is in Florida for vacation and Gabe seems to be working 7 days a week. Our band is on a hiatus. So sad. But we are still a band and will get back together and be awesome. You wait and see.