New car

Our poor Jetta has been heading rapidly down hill since we moved to Hana. Between dirt roads, Hana hwy, the sun, and the increased milage (now up to150k), the car has about had it. It’s suffered holes in the oil pan (darn land slides), high temperatures, two kids, a few dents and dings, trips across the ocean, snow (yes, snow), miles and miles of road, rain (inside and out), cockroaches, exploded tires, corroded batteries, blown fuses, and much more. With all our car has endured, it has treated us really well.

Despite the “Mama car’s” willingness to survive, we decided to start looking for a new car. Holly sent me to town on Saturday to buy a turkey, some wine, and a few other groceries. Also, I was to do some research some new cars.

I did the latter first and sent a few pictures back for consideration. None were spectacular. After three or four dealerships, I was tired of being attacked by car salesmen and headed to Wal Mart.

This gave time to think and research the vehicles I looked at. In doing so I ran across a Chevy that had good reviews, was in the same class as the other I looked at. After Wal Mart I headed to the Chevy dealership to take a look. The salesmen didn’t attack me when I hopped out of the car and seemed really happy when I seemed to know what I was looking for. They only had two lest on the lot. I took it for a test drive and emailed Holly a
Picture of the car. Her and the kids all liked it so I decided to just go ahead and buy it.

It was a long process and surprisingly easy. They were even understanding and rushed the whole process just so I could get to Costco before they closed. It also helped that the dealership itself had closed shortly after we started the paperwork.

In the end, I said my goodbyes to the “Mama Car” and drove away with a new Chevy Equanox.

It was a crazy thing to do, but I am a master of rationalization. Plus, for a number of reasons, it was just something that needed to be done.

Back at home, Holly and the kids were entertaining a few friends we invited over. When I arrived home, all the kids ran out yelling, “He got a new car! He got a new car!”. “A” assured the other grown ups that they were kidding and I had pulled up in the same old car we’ve always had. Holly didn’t know who to believe so she had to come out and check.

Her reaction made it all worth it. She jumped up and down, hands over her wide smile, and hugged me in happy disbelief.

The kids were the first ones to jump in to take a closer look. They oohed and aahed at the car. They looked on the front seat. They looked in the back seat. “Gavin got a ‘Bone Napper’!!” And just like that the kids were off playing with the new toy.

So there you have it. The rein of the Mama Car is over. Hail the Chevy Equinox.

Back inside, Holly poured me a pint of cider, we toasted the new car, and continued to enjoy the rest of the evening.

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