New shaving gel

Wow, there is lots to report. At least it seems that way. I’ll start with Friday. On said day, I was called at 7:15 am because our favorite manager (Leo) was late for a special showing of Willie Wonka. I was watching Gavin, so we headed over to the theatre for a bit. It is so frustrating having to always cover for Leo when he over sleeps, his car breaks down (piece of junk) or he just plain forgets. Also, even though I was supposed to work Fri night, I did not. I switched with Leggy Redhead for Monday. That way I was able to go to the RSCDS demo practice that night. But before heading out to dance practice I took a nice shower and basked in the presence of my new hypo-allergenic shaving gel. Oh what fun. Saturday was mostly a normal day. Holly and Mary had another book signing at Barnes & Noble. I stayed home with Gavin. Actually, Gavin and I took a ride to Lani Kai to drop off a cd that I burned for our dance demo. While we were there I ended up buying a Broadsword and taking Gavin to the park there. He loved the little park and had a great time. There were a few other kids there that Gavin ignored. Not sure why. Usually he is very intrigued by them. Oh well. We headed home. Shortly after arriving there, Gavin hopped into bed for his daily nap. Such a good boy. Skipping over minor details, I headed to work, where I figured out how to remove tint from windows. Very exciting. I would say that Saturday was another Step in being better friends with Leggy Redhead. We couldn’t decide what we wanted to have for dinner, so naturally we wasted all out time thinking about it and ate nothing. This led to a decision to eat smores while we waited for the movies to end. After she was done with work (around 9:30pm), she went to Safeway and picked up some marshmallows and graham crackers and chocolate. After I finished all my paperwork, we sat in the break room and tried to figure out how to toast our marshmallows. How ’bout the microwave? Nope. They just puff up to the size of a softball and explode. Ooh ooh, I know. The toaster oven. We laid a marshmallow on top of a piece of chocolate on top of a graham cracker and placed it in the oven on broil. That just made an ugly mess. Ahhhhh! How bout the brilliant idea of putting a marshmallow onto a shop stick and holding it to the heating coils in the toaster oven. Success. We were able to set the marshmallows on fire and have successful smores. They were sooooo good. Oh, and apparently this is not enough to set off the fire alarms that I’m not sure we have. On Sunday, the best of the 3, I woke up at around 9:45am. It was getting close to time for Holly to be leaving for work. She would be drove there by Mary and Gavin. Apparently Holly had taken a shower that morning and also basked in the presence of my new almond scented shaving gel. What smooth legs she has now. She taunted me all morning with her smooth legs until at last it was time to leave. It was about this time that I got yet another phone call from the theatre. Yup, you guessed it. No Leo. This time it was a birthday party. So instead of taking a much needed shower, I ran across the street to the theatre. But not before kissing my family goodbye. I love them. Then I spent the morning at the theatre where I handed out money and keys and all kinds of other stuff that makes me important. When Leo finally arrived we chatted a bit until I decided that I wanted to watch a movie. And why not. I got nothing to do. That doesn’t happen much. So at 11:10am, I went into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and sat in delight as kids fell in rivers of chocolate, turned into blueberries, shrunk, and were tossed down garbage chutes. Oh Willie Wonka, how you amuse me. What a cool movie. It is weird in just the right ways. I love it. Now I am at work again back into routine of making schedules, typing reports, and doing other stupid things that require me to sit behind a desk. Oh well. And yet, I get the feeling that the next few days will be even more fun than these past few days.