News for the day.

Here is yet another blog. S.O. opened the theatre yesterday for the phone people, only to discover some strange local guy in the ladies bathroom with the door closed and an extension cord running from the lobby into the bathroom with a tv monitor on the other side of it. Needless to say this creeped her out big time. This strange local guy claims to be our janitors brother. Our janitor is already on thin ice with us and now she has broken through the ice and freezing herself cold. I am not about to rescue her either. Besides the fact that she is massively overweight and I could not possibly lift her out of the freezing water, I don’t want to. I shall be glad to be rid of her. Oh, by the way, she was clocked in when this happened. Which is funny because she was no where to be found. Yeah, so she is fired. So fired. Now I have all kinds of paperwork to do. I also have to deal with the union. And that in itself sucks. That is my news for the day.