North Shore Ride

Well, here we are. It’s a lonely world apparently. So now what? We
are now into Gavin’s second week of preschool and every morning he
wakes up and tells us he doesn’t want to go to preschool. sigh. When
we drop him off, he cries for his mom and dad. But from what we’re
told, this doesn’t last long after we leave. Although he doesn’t get
the most involved there, he is starting to make some friends. Now he
just has to learn their names. Life will go on and he will get
better. If that were only true for other things. *sigh* Last night I
needed to get out and breath, so I hopped on my motorcycle and rode
up to the North Shore to see the sunset. The drive was a beautiful
one hour trip. I ended up at North Shore about 45 minutes before
sundown, so I laid down under a palm tree on the beach and stared at
the sky. For that 45 minutes or so things were perfect. The sky was
beautiful. The air was clean and cool. The sun was bright. The clouds
were white and grey and orange and blue and red and yellow. The water
was calm and rhythmic. The sand was fine and had a perfect tan color.
And after the sun went down, I hopped back on my bike and went to a
local bar and restaurant. Dinner was delicious. The guiness was as
perfect as ever. Then a while later I hopped back on my bike for the
trip home. Dark now, the stars were shining bright. The air was brisk
and felt so good. My mind was clear. I got a little wet as a grey
cloud followed me part way home, but I then air dried for about 40
minutes the rest of the way. Arriving home, I found Holly and Gavin
still at Mary’s house. But Holly called and told me Gavin was going
to spend the night at Granny’s house, but she was soon to be home.
Five minutes later she walked into the door and all the clarity I had
seeped out and filled with reality. This was a long night. But man,
the bike ride was great.