Not Quite Märzen

I was so excited about this beer. I spent time researching and formulating a recipe. I wrote out all the equations and calculated all my target numbers. Then I purchased the ingredients. They smelled so good and furthered my excitement.

Brew day came and I set up all my equipment, mashed, boiled, hopped, cooled, and pitched.

A week later i checked my masterpiece and found that almost half my beer was trub and fermentation stopped at the halfway point. It being a lager, which I’ve attempted only once before when I was much less experienced, I figured maybe this is just how it goes. It’s cold so it will ferment slower right?

No. Another week later, nothing changed. I raised the temp a few degrees. No change. Add a little corn sugar, corn sugar ferments and nothing else. Another week after that, still no change. Ahhhhh. WTF?

You know what? I’m just going to bottle the bugger and hope it will be drinkable and non explosive.







I bought ingredients for two more batches. A very black roasty stoutish beer and a very light light American ale. I’m so excited about these beers.

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