Our First Successful Superbowl

We’ve never been ones to celebrate Superbowl in any way other than using it as an excuse to eat chicken wings. We don’t have favorite teams or even watch football. Our past efforts mostly include trying to watch crappy football movies, eat chicken wings, and drink beer. But with no real excitement behind it all, it ends up just being a chicken wing, beer, and crappy movie Sunday.

This year was different. One of Holly’s girlfriend lives in Pittsburgh and is, of course, a huge Steelers fan. She had even sent us a care package a few weeks back that contained a few Steelers pens. Therefore, we actually had a team to root for, and therefore, had a real reason to celebrate Superbowl. So that is what we did.

We made ourselves a wonderful menu of chicken wings, chips, guacamole, home-made ice cream, beer (mostly my own of course), and peanut butter pie. Then we invited some friends over. What’s a Superbowl party without friends after all?

We sat and watched the big game, all the while explaining how it works to Holly. She finally caught on and said, “I can see how this could be exciting and intense.”

In the end, of course, the Steelers lost, but otherwise, we finally had our first successful Superbowl celebration.