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08-22-07_0147.jpg 08-22-07_0146.jpg FIrst Hat

On Friday, I dropped Holly and Gavin off at the airport. They are off to Hawaii for a week to visit Granny. We explained to Gavin that I couldn’t go with them this trip. Yet, when it came time for him and Holly to go through security without me, he got so upset that I wasn’t going. He was crying and saying he missed me. I was so sad to see them go. But they will have a good time. And I will catch up on my movie watching. Also, I have spent some time setting up my Lake George pictures for sharing. Here are some highlights:

dscn6550.jpg dscn6574.jpg dscn6634.jpg

dscn6674.jpg dscn6802.jpg dscn6825.jpg

sany0280.jpg sany0378.jpg sany0382.jpg