I’ve been in Hawaii for 13 years now, and I’ve only been to Oahu and Maui. Until now. As part of the CCLC (Community College Leadership Champions) group, I get to travel to outer islands for meetings. This month I went to Kauai. It was quite beautiful and slightly reminded me of Maui. The cottages where we stayed were right on the beach, spacious, and incredibly cozy. We spent two days at the Waimea Plantations located at the foot of Waimea canyon. The weather was perfect and the chickens were plenty. It was fun getting to know the other CCLC members. I think they will be a great group to work with this year.


We spent Friday as a group learning, reflecting, sharing, and being zen. It was both relaxing and mentally challenging. Luckily, we followed it all up with a party, in which we invited previous years CCLC members. This was exciting for me, not just because we got to let loose, unwind and enjoy the atmosphere, but because I got to showcase my beer. With the school flipping the bill for my baggage, I shipped a case of beer with me to Kauai. Half full of a freshly brewed stout, and half full of an Octoberfest-style beer. Both beers were very well received, even by the two members who are beer savvy.



On Saturday morning, I did something ridiculously cliche. I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, took a long jog on the beach, followed by dip in the ocean, followed by a dip in the pool, followed by a shower in a plantation house shower. Why can’t more days start like that?


After another day of CCLC activities, a small group of us ran off to check out Waimea Canyon before having to be a the airport. You wouldn’t think there could be such a large canyon on such a small island, but there it was in all it’s awesomeness.



I can now check Kauai off my list, though I’d very much like to go back.

Next up, Big Island.


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