Saving for 2008

Well, we finally got down to the court house to file our paperwork
only to be led on a goose chase trying to find all the correct
paperwork. I think we got everything we need. Now we must re-fill out
forms and change a few things here and there and go back to the
courthouse to file things. They sure don’t make this process easy.
Anyway. I appreciate all the comments and support. I guess this
answers the question of if any of my family reads my blog. I will try
to update more often on here. Holly and I are continuing our therapy
sessions. Somehow, I didn’t realize how hard this therapy was going
to be. But I am going day to day here while still retaining the big
picture as not to get distracted, make quick decisions or react in
inappropriate ways. Overall, I think things are smoothing out and
becoming more clear and easier to handle and deal with.

The search is on. I am looking for a new apt and a car of my own. I
don’t know if or when exactly I will be moving again. The lease on
this apt runs out in January. So who knows.

On another note, I am going to start right now to save up money for a
brand new car in 2008. What would make me decide that? Take a look:

Oh yeah.