Search for a bed

It is about time for Gavin to have a bed of his very own. Why? Because we would like a bed of our very own. That is not the only reason. Anyway, since we decided to get Gavin his own bed, I left the house at 1:30 pm on a mission. I first went to the obvious places. First being Wal Mart. How disappointing. They had nothing. Nothing at all. Well, they had a really nice futon, but I already have a bed. So next I went to K-mart. They had more of a selection. Ok, so maybe their selection only consisted of a particle board youth bed that was falling apart just from sitting on display and having it’s plastic screws falling out of it, but still, it was more than Wal Mart had. Disappointed, I left and got ready to leave when I realized that I had a phone book in the back of my car. I looked up a few furniture places and found that there was a strictly-youth furniture store about 10 minutes from there. A place called Flexa. It really was nice stuff. Beautiful kids beds and furniture. The lady was really nice. Unfortunately it would cost me like $350 to buy a bed with a mattress for Gavin there. So I moved on. I raced across the island (it was now 4pm and I had to be to work at 5) to a place called Naked Furniture. They apparently sell unfinished furniture. Expensive unfinished furniture. I thought the idea of selling unfinished furniture was that it would be less expensive. Oh well. From there I zoomed across the island with my uniform in the back seat to Aikahi theatre where I spent the remainder of the night. I have to say I was disappointed at the lack of selection of toddler beds on the island. The Flexa furniture was nice, but just a little out of price range. Who knows, maybe I we can find it cheaper online. Or maybe we will just find a cheaper bed.